Guilin Tours from Hong Kong

Guilin China offer unbeatable tour price for Guilin tours combining with round-trip airfares between Hong Kong and Guilin. All tours provide a private English-speaking guide, a private car and authentic local meals. Each tour can be tailor according to your group's unique requirments. Guilin is only 90-minutes flight away from Hong Kong. If you stop over in Hong Kong for 3 or 4 days, it is time enough to enjoy a 3-day Guilin tours from Hong Kong with round-trip plane.

The below tours are the most classical and popular Guilin tours over the past 10 years and they are still on the trend. The 3-day tour includes all must-do in Guilin for a first timer and the 4-day tours covers Yangshuo or Longsheng,which will absolutely broaden your eyes about Guilin and its culture.

All these tours are valid all year round but it requires confirmation at least 15 days before the departure date. Note that airfares between Hong Kong and Guilin will not be refundded once you confirmed your booking as it is the speical price. Airfares are based on information which was correct at the date of publishing, but may change without notice. If the tour incluidng a high-speed train, please book it at least 3 weeks ahead of your expected departure date to ensure the availability of the train tickets.

Common Questions Travelers Asked Us

How to get to Guilin from Hong Kong?

Flights: this is the fastest and the most convenient way. Most visitors choose to fly from Hong Kong to Guilin.However, direct flights are not available every day and the departure time varies from day to day.

Destinations Flights Travel Time

Hong Kong(HKG) - Guilin(KWL)

KA704 320(14:15 - 15:40) on Monday|Thursday|Friday 1 1/2 hours
Guiln(KWL)- Hong Kong(HKG)

KA704 320(16:35 - 17:55) on Monday|Thursday

KA704 320(15:40 - 17:05) on Saturday

1 1/2 hours


Trains: high-speed train service is available everyday now between Shenzhen and Guilin via Guangzhou, which is just close to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, visitors can take the East Rail going to Lo Wu Port (namely Luohu Station, 罗湖站) and go through customs from Lo Wu Port. Then take a metro in Shenzhen going to Shenzhen North Railway Station, which is easy to find and take there.

Note that all tickets are sold out very quickly and it is advisable to book the train tickets at least 2 weeks ahead of your departure date.

An easy way to book China train tickets:

  • Destinations Trains(Daily) Travel Time

    Shenzhen North Railway Station - Guilin North Railway Station

    G2902 (07:20 - 10:51)

    G2904 (11:48 - 15:36)

    G2906 (14:53 - 18:20)

    3 1/2 hours
    Guiln North Railway Station - Shenzhen North Railway Station

    G2901 (11:16 - 14:29)

    G2903 (17:15 - 21:09)

    G2905 (18:50 - 22:10)

    3 1/2 hours

Buses: there is one bus service departing from Guilin to Hong Kong every day at 06:30 pm. It starts from Guilin Qintan Long-distance Coach Station to the bus station which belongs to Hong Kong Airport. It takes about 10 hours at 180 Yuan/person. Passengers can buy the ticket 5 days in advance. However, we do not recommend you take this bus unless you can speak basic Mandarin and have not too much luggage.

Note: we try to provide up-to-date transportation information as correct as possible, but all of them are only for reference and subject to change according to different situations.

How to plan my trip to Guilin from Hong Kong?

Hire a local guide speaking your language. Even if you are on a low budget, we would still recommend you use a local guide unless you have enough time to explore and try to locate every place. Though Guilin is famous for its natural scenery, the city and its neighboring areas are not very convenient, especially Longsheng for rice terraces. A guide will save your much trouble in locating yourself and asking for information. If you go with kids or teenagers, this should be your top priority.

For weekend trip planning, which we usually refer to 3 days including the round-trip flight time or high-speed train time, one should focus on the real highlights - Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo and the Reed Flute Cave. The cave is one of 15 most mysterious caves in the world. Must-see and must-do are Li River Cruise, Yangshuo scenery (either cycling or taking a bamoo rafting to enjoy ) and city highlights for Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill and Fubo Hill.

For a side trip from Hong Kong or a part of China trip planning, one should get 4 days on hand to enjoy the scenery and culture in leisure. If you are looking for the unique Karst scenery and the city charms, it would be cool to stay one night in Yangshuo for the nice scenery,the crowds and bars on West Street and even taking a bamboo rafting. Thus, your 4 days and 3 nights trip should be staying two nights in Guilin city for the rest and the essence including visiting a panda house in Seven Star Park and one night in Yangshuo for the cycling and the unique sightseeing by Li River Cruise.

If you are into minority culture and the amazing rice terraces, you can skip the night in Yangshuo and make all your accomodation in downtown Guilin instead. Then do day trips to Longsheng for rice terraces and local minority culture, Yangshuo for the scenery and the city for the charm respectively.

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