Yangshuo Green Lotus Peak

Green Lotus Peak

Also called Shouyang Mountain, Lotus Peak stands south of Yangshuo looking like a water-lily bud emerging from the water. It is the most famous hill in Yangshuo.

Lotus Peak, flat and smooth, resembles a mirror from the front. People also named it Jianshan Hill (Mirror Hill). Looking at the hill after passing it, one finds the hill silently floating on water like an elegant budding green lotus and forming an enchanting scene.

Lotus Peak has many inscriptions on its cliffs of which the 5-meter-long Chinese character "Dai" caved in the Qing dynasty is the most famous. Later generations endowed the character with a meaning "as the river and mountains unfold their greatness before your eyes, young lads, you should work hard to let your name pass down forever."

The Character carve on the green lotus hill

The best place to view the Lotus is from View Lotus Bridge. Built in 1978, the bridge is decorated with reliefs, that depict the landscape of Yangshuo. At the end of the bridge, three characters were carved which mean "this is the best place to view the "lotus".


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