Li River Tour Route No.3

Yangshuo to Fuli Town by Boat

The Li River which flows from Yangshuo to Fuli is in the down stream, some of the people prefer to enjoy this part of scenery due to the river is peaceful and clam, without too many engine noise. Tourist can take the shuttle bus from Guilin Bus Station to Yangshuo, it departure in every 20 minutes, then get off in Yangshuo Station, flowing West Street walk to the end, you will find difference size of boat boarding by the river bank, There are two types of boat, one is deluxe boat running by the local government, and the other is bamboo boat which is own by the local people. Choose one of your favorite transportation and start the trip. It will takes 2 hours with round trips.

The two types of boats are offering with different price, should ask the detail price before get on the boat.
If you want to visit Fuli Ancient Town and come back by the same boat, we suggest taking bamboo boat so that can stop in any time and any where as you want.

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