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One Day Budget Tour in Guilin

Introduction: Traveling to new and interesting places can be an expensive proposition for anyone. The great news is that it is very possible to travel to incredible places like Guilin, all on a shoestring budget. With a little bit of careful planning and a lot of research into your many options when you are in Guilin, you’ll find that you’ll be able to plan a wonderful trip that is filled with cultural richness and priceless memories to last a lifetime.

What to Pack

Pagoda Hill from distance

Pagoda Hill from distance

There are number of things that you will need prior to setting out on your budget-friendly day in Guilin; having these things on hand prior to setting out for your shoestring budget daytrip will ensure that you aren’t overpaying for them at some other point in your trip.

  • A map of Guilin and the surrounding countryside
  • Bottles of water
  • A packed lunch, which your hotel may offer for free; or you can pick up from a local vendor for a really low cost
  • Snacks to keep you energized
  • Schedule of local bus services
  • A list of attractions that you are most interested in seeing
  • Be sure that you are dressed comfortably for the weather that you will be experiencing on your day out in Guilin, and make sure that your shoes are suitable for hiking, biking, or mountain-climbing, depending on what activities and attractions that you plan on taking part in during your day.

    How to plan a Budget Day Tour in Guilin City

    In just one-day sightseeing in Guilin, no one should miss the most popular breakfast among locals-Guilin Rice Noodles. Noodle shops are easy to find and a local chain Guilin Rice Noodles shop is recommended-Chong Shan Mi Fen(崇善米粉).It takes 3.5 Yuan for 1000g and 4 Yuan for 1500g. Pay another 1 yuan for a deep-fried dough stick and 1.5 yuan for a cup of soya milk if you would like to taste. These should be enough to fuel you through a whole morning.

  • Chong Shan Mi Fen (崇善米粉) (main store)
  • Add: No.5, Yi Ren Road(near the Bell Tower),Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Guilin City
  • Add in Chinese: 桂林市依仁路5号正阳步行街钟楼

  • Consider starting your day trip with an early morning arrival that will get you into the city at around 6 in the morning. An early start will help you to maximize your sight-seeing for the day and also help you to avoid the other large crowds of tourists.

    What to See

    Li River Cruise

    Li River Cruise

    Seven Star Park is a great place to start your day, especially if you arrive before 6.30 in the morning and get into the park for free. Scale the Pagoda Hill and watch the sun rise from the behind the hills opposite to your vantage point; this offers great photo opportunities for those of you who love to capture priceless moments like this. While enjoying the sunrise, you’ll also be able to see incredible views of Guilin and you will be able to truly appreciate this wonderful city that is nestled in between karst hills, alongside the really beautiful Li River.

    Heading out towards the river to catch a cruise that will take you on an enjoyable ride along the Li River. There are a number of cruises offered by various tour companies; some last as long as six hours, which is a great way to spend your day, while others are just short one or two hour long cruises.

  • Detial information of Li River Cruise
  • Populor Li River Tour Routes
  • Plan a Budget Day Tour in Yangshuo Town

    Cycling Tour in Yangshuo

    Cycling Tour in Yangshuo

    If the hustle and bustle of city life in Guilin is not for you, consider taking a bus to the quaint and picturesque town of Yangshuo. This wonderful little town remains almost untouched, which ensures you wonderful fresh air and wonderful natural activities to enjoy.

    How to Get to Yangshuo: By bus from Guilin or by cruising on the Li River. Express buses to Yangshuo are available right at the bus terminal off Zhongshan Road. Starting at 7:00am, the busses depart close to every 20 minutes and cost an affordable 20 Yuan.

    Be sure to stay hydrated during your day trip in Guilin. There are plenty of vendors selling bottles of water, which will help you to keep hydrated and refreshed, which is important during the hot summer months. If you are feeling hungry and you did not pack a lunch, then you are sure to find a wonderful selection of lunch opportunities along Pantao Road. Whether you are looking for noodles, meats, vegetables, or something a little bit unique to your taste buds, there is sure to be something you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

    Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

    Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

    If you are feeling up to it, and cycling is one of your hobbies, then you should consider renting a bicycle from one of the many shops around the West Street area. This will allow you the opportunity to see the beauty of the surrounding countryside, for a very minimal investment. A tandem bike is a fun choice for couples! With a map of some of the wonderful Yangshuo bike routes, you’ll be able to take in a full afternoon of enjoying cycling through the surrounding countryside and enjoy seeing some of the sights unique to this region. Consider biking towards the Yulong River, which is a smaller and much slower-flowing river than the Li River. If weather conditions are right for it, consider splashing in the shallows of the river, and get refreshed for the next leg of your journey.

    Another great aspect of touring the countryside by bike is that you will be able to visit some of the smaller outlying villages in the region, or come across a lot of local people who may be happy to discuss their daily lives with you.

  • More information of Countryside Cycling in Yangshuo
  • If you are interested in rock climbing, then there are plenty of low-cost opportunities with local rock climbing guide companies. This is an occasion where you may be better served by calling ahead to confirm costs and confirm what your fee will get you. The region of Guilin and Yangshuo is world-famous for rock climbing so you may want to take this opportunity to enjoy these famous climbing spots.

    What to Eat

    When you return your bike to Yangshuo, you should take the opportunity to enjoy some of the great local cuisine offered by local street vendors and shops. From incredibly Beer Fish to steaming bowls of noodle soup, you’ll find that your heart appetite from all of your day’s activities is satiated by the nourishing food offered in Yangshuo.

    Finish out your day by enjoying the beauty of the sunset by climbing to the pagoda peak in Yangshuo park; with free entry, this is one activity that will certainly fit well into your shoestring travel budget. Local beer is offered by area shops, and could be a really nice treat to enjoy while watching the sun set on your wonderful budget travel day in the Guilin region.

    Before seeking out accommodation in Yangshuo, or taking a bus back to Guilin, you should take the time to do a little bit of shopping. Comfortable clothing, local silk items, and carefully crafted souvenirs will be a great way for you to remember your perfect day, for many years to come.

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