Top 5 Things to Do in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a place where you can have different types of enjoyable things to do. Here is the top 5 things you should do in Yangshuo.

Cycling in Yangshuo

Cycling in Yangshuo is a popular way to visit Yangshuo freely. You can cost a little money to rent a bike easily. There are many renting place on the side of the road so don’t worry about nowhere to find. The cost of rent bikes is US$1.5-US$4.7. Here is a classical route for travelers who visit Yangshuo in first time: Yangshuo – Tall Banyan – Moon Hill – Moon Hill Village – Fushan Temple – Swallow Village – Tianjia River – Yangshuo. The trip is about 20km.

It is a classical riding route in Yangshuo. In this road you can see the most beautiful rural scenery of Yangshuo. The roads are only little bumped so you can ride bike effortless, and normal travelers can also finish the route. Starting in morning is a good choice. More


Bamboo Rafting

Having a bamboo rafting in Yulong River is also a way to enjoy beautiful scenes of Yangshuo. Yulong River is the biggest branch of Li River in Yangshuo and it is 16km long. The flow water is clean and softly slow. Comparing with Li River, Yulong River is more quiet and tiny than Li River. If you make Li River like a Snow White, Yulong River must be Cinderella. So there is a nick name for Yulong River called “Petite Li River”.

The yard is located in Yulong Bridge

There is another part of rafting trip is add in first part. You can upstream from Yulong Bridge and reach the Fuli Bridge. Everything you can see made this part worth every second. The water is so cleaning that you can see the water planets and fish in the bottom of the river. When go through the Xiangui Bridge you will see the poems written by ancient words. It makes the trip more ancient rhymes.



Learn Chinese Cooking at Yangshuo Cooking School

It may be disappointed for traveler who has been visited China, tasted delicious Chinese Food but you don’t know how to cook it. Here is a cooking in Yangshuo for teaching foreign travelers. In this school you can learn clearly about how to cook delicious Chinese food on your own. Teachers are very kind and they can speak English fluently. The teachers will teach you about produce from the region and how much spice is just the right amount of spice. More

Tai Chi Class in Yangshuo

Tai Chi Class in Yangshuo

The school is only a short walk away from the lively town of Yangshuo where you can find cafes, bars and restaurants frequented by the town cosmopolitan visitors. Sitting beside the River Li, in the spectacular karst landscape of southern China, the area is renowned for its blend of old rural China and outstanding natural beauty.

The school teaches Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan to students from all over the world. The teachers can speak English fluently and very kindly. You can ask any questions about Tai Chi and they will answer then patiently.



Expression of Sanjie Liu

Impression of Sanjie Liu is directed by famous director Zhang Yimou and started show in 2004. Sanjie Liu is a fairy singer in the legend of the Zhuang minority group. She isn’t only sing very well but also pretty as fairy. One day she met a guy called A Niu who is also good at singing. She loved A Niu and gave him an embroidered ball to show her love. A Niu accepted that ball and they lived together happily. In 1968 a film called Sanjie Liu was broadcasted in all the China and makes all the Chinese people known this brilliant girl. The theater located in Bingjiang Road next to the West Street, so it is easy to get there.

How to book the ticket

It is easy to book the ticket in Yangshuo, every hotel or inns have book service for travelers so don’t worry about it. You can also book on the internet. Both two ways are also save your money.



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